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[<April, 30th, 2007>]
i told her i loved her.
her family loves me.
got an accounting job.
transfering to a uc soon.
she loves me too.

[<April, 8th, 2007>]
id be lying if i didnt say i wasnt in love.

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[<February, 28th, 2007>]
i usually have no problem brushing off any girl.
its no big deal to me to be rude and purposely become unattractive.
but for the first time, it hurt to lie and brush off this one girl.
i told her i was a bad guy, or just like any other guy and that i just wanted to fuck her and not call her again.
shes probly crying now, but i afraid id get attatched to her somehow, cause i could see myself getting attatched to her when im already seeing someone else.
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[<February, 26th, 2007>]
im in love with her.
she told her mom about me, her mom likes me so far.
my mom likes her and wants to meet her.
my mum thought it was funny, she always thought id marry some white girl.
but lemme back up, im not getting married. but things are moving pleasant.
and shes so smart, shes a valedictorian.
and shes not like all the american girls.
the relationship is different, its not as needy.
we're really happy together.
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[<February, 20th, 2007>]

shes my joy now
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[<February, 18th, 2007>]
ive really fallen for this girl cause...
i went clubbing with friends.
the other girls just seemed so grosse to me.

[<February, 17th, 2007>]
i met mrs right.
shes completely amazing.
we danced for 4 hours straight last night, couldnt keep our eyes off each other.
the music was loud and the dance floor was crowded but i could only see her.
everything about her, this hasnt happened in a long time and then it caught me off guard.
im so happy it caught me off guard.
let me tell you about her.
shes an sdsu student majoring in international business and minor in finance.
shes really into stocks and investments.
she speaks, spanish, italian, some french, and can carry an impressive english accent.
shes mexican with green eyes and fair skin.
and her new hair cut makes her adorable.
she's proper and ellegant and stylish.
she's sharp but so kind.
and she gets along super well with my friends.
so we danced and danced, never feeling tired.
then we slow danced, i twirled her and dipped her.
last night was perfect.
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[<January, 29th, 2007>]

God, this is depressing.
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[<January, 5th, 2007>]
hello readers,

ive collapsed.
its hard staying ahead of everything.
waking up at 5am,
working out,
monitoring stocks constantly.
studying for real estate license.
studdying about stocks
reading ny times (my favorite)
made my room more like an office.
cleaning up my wardrobe.
growing up.
trying hard to hang out with friends.
but i cant be everywhere at once,
people get pissed easily.
and i cant keep up.
today i collapsed.

i guess my eating disorder kicked in on accident.
i passed out yesterday.
constantly trying to do everything better.
but im so tired.
and i cant even keep a simple new years resolution.
i flirt too much.
im gonna stop.
today i stop completely.
or get punched in the face by alex.
no girlfriends, no dating for 2007.

[<August, 12th, 2006>]
I've been frustrated lately. I'm getting pulled into too many wrong directions. too many people need my attention and so I hate it and just stay home by myself cause I can't pick anyone over anyone else. and I know I'm getting into bad things now. like now I understand why famous people do coke, that shit keeps u going no matter what. kinda hurts the first time. also I'm getting bored of things and I don't like being professional anymore. some credit company tried stealing money from me so I'm sueing their ass. I'm getting a mercedes for my birthday, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm turning 21 but I bet I wnt step into a bar at all.

and where the fuck are you emily? I need you.
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[<May, 12th, 2006>]
cognoscentiCorp: holy shit
cognoscentiCorp: thanks dude
andrewxpulido: what?
cognoscentiCorp: there goes the wedding
cognoscentiCorp: the kids i dont want
andrewxpulido: haha
andrewxpulido: shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut up
cognoscentiCorp: lol

[<November, 29th, 2005>]
Fate just asked me, "Listen well, will you marry me?" Fate just offered me a ticket out. I have to take it, I have to take it. So if its ment to be, this is my farewell post, not to livejournal or anything but to this imposter of a home. there is so much i have to settle first.
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[<October, 4th, 2005>]

leaving. cheers
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[<September, 26th, 2005>]

ask me anything.
im in a very talkative mood

[<September, 25th, 2005>]

is it wrong of me to leave a party after the first hour?

i think im trying to grow distant from the people here so i wont miss them when i leave.

where-as i praise anyone who lives north of san clemente.

im here @ work an hour early! but i love opening the shop because i can blast the XM radio to anything i wish.

i saw the Corpse Bride, and wow! i loved it so much, the music, the story. im a sucker for love stories. i want a girl to melt my heart! Awwwwwww. there has to be someone out there who can break me.




[<July, 18th, 2005>]
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[<June, 27th, 2004>]
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